Kilimanjaro Cloud Forest – Roast & Ground – 227g Bag (Available Jan 2019)


Kilimanjaro Cloud Forest ‘Organic’ Tanzania Coffee: Strength 5

Cocoa nib and molasses flavours combine with dried fruit and subtle pepper spice in this rich, full bodied espresso coffee.

Our ‘Kilimanjaro’ Cloud forest is a remarkable single origin using coffees from our Plan Vivo Project in the Karagwe region and the finest Arabica from the slopes of the Machare Kilimanjaro forest estate.

Sourced from coffee farmers on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, this single origin is located right below the Rainforest and helps protect a nature reserve. Somewhat similar to Kenyan coffee, our Tanzanian coffee exhibits a bright and vibrant, acidity, which is then rounded with the deep rich taste of our Kaderes coffee from Karagwe.

It is here that we use coffee and carbon offsets from the Emiti Nibwo Bulora ‘Trees Sustain Life’ project run by VI-Agroforestry. This project helps small scale farmers engage in tree planting and develop agroforestry to diversify crops, fix nitrogen to the ground and ensure organic sustainable land management techniques.

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